Provider Services

Remote Coding and Billing Services

WPPS coding services offers remote coding for provider offices. Services include assigning E/M, CPT, and diagnosis codes through abstracting of patient charts. We have expert coders, with more than 15 years coding experience.


We offer group training for office coding and billing staff.

We also offer provider documentation training, to help assist providers with meeting documentation requirements to ensure proper selection of E/M level of service.


WPPS employees have been trained on HIPAA Privacy guidelines and understand the importance of securing Protected Health Information (PHI). Our employees are expected to maintain a 95% and above in completeness and accuracy of coding  charts.

WPPS coding and billing services offers remote coding

for all medical provider types (i.e. radiology, hospital,

behavioral health, etc.). We have experience working with

medical specialties such as Obstetrics and Gynecology, Gastroenterology, Otolaryngology, Family Medicine, and Psychiatry. We will work with providers one-on-one to assess your needs. Based on these assessments, a strategic plan will be implemented to provide our staff with the necessary materials to successfully code and bill your services. Through our Revenue Cycle Management, we will work to improve your revenue, while reducing  errors and delays in reimbursements.


Account Receivables Collection Services

Willams A/R Collections (WARC) works diligently in aging A/R collection efforts to gain every reimbursement available to our clients. Our staff has many years of collection experience and have monthly collection goals for each of our clients. Our staff consist of Certified Coders (CPC) who are efficient in recognizing coding errors which causes a delay or denial of payments and correct these errors for proper reimbursements.  Our rates are competitive and we do not charge our clients a fee unless we collect. We work very closely with our clients' staff and insurance companies to ensure collection efforts are successful. Please contact us for more information.


*We have experience working with most commercial insurances such as Blue Cross and Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Cigna, and Aetna. We also have experience working with  Medicare and state Medicaid.*